Solar System Size

How big of a solar system do I need?

As energy prices continue to spike in the last decade property owners across Denver, Colorado is looking at alternative energy sources such as solar. There are a wide variety of factors you need to consider before you choose to install a solar system. But one of the most important questions needed to answer is how big of a solar system do I need?

To answer this question talk to a solar pending expert in your area as they will assess your property’s energy and told you about the different factors that are playing when choosing the size of a solar system you need in Denver Colorado.

When you’re talking to our clients, our discussions usually revolve around their budget, their average household energy consumption, and the size of the roof all of which will have to be considered and determining the size of the solar system that will be recommended for their property. in this article and we will cover some of these key finders on how they are important 30 determining the size of the solar system you need in Denver Colorado one also limited some other factors such as solar incentives that are affecting your decision-making process.

Once again as experts in the field that we understand it’s possible to make these decisions yourself but since we offer free site surveys and quotations that are obligation-free work with a reputable solar installer and the process will be more cost and time-efficient. here are the key factors that will be discussed when determining the size of your solar panel system.

Your properties average energy consumption

This factor is obvious to most of our customers and is vital when trying to determine the size of the solar system to install on any property. We will look at future energy trends, historical energy needs, and other things when calculating your average energy consumption and forecasting near future energy needs. For example, you may be interested in purchasing an electric vehicle on this one that needs a specific charging point, the installation of the right size can aid all of which solar. you may have college-age children, which means your energy consumption could drop dramatically shortly when they move out. When also look at the last 2 years of your utility bills and allow us to accurately determine your average energy needs. We look at your annual energy usage, monthly energy usage, and even break it down into hourly and daily energy consumption.

Roofing factors such as shade and size

The next thing we’ll look at is your roof. This would be a key determining factor when choosing the size of a solar system. Space is important if you’re working with limited space. We may have to discuss different technologies if space is not a problem. We can work with virtually any solar system on the market. I want to look at cheating issues including overhanging buildings, Eve’s chimneys and trees anything that will affect the level of sunlight your solar system will receive daily.

Budget is always a factor

Because of making sure the business solar systems come in a variety of unique qualities, brands, and sizes, so when we are trying to determine the right size solar system for your property price is always a factor. On average, most houses in Denver Colorado install systems that can generate 150 to 350 kilowatts of power they usually based the size of the system on overall household needs and budget.

Some solar incentives can impact your solar system size

One of the major reasons that residents of Denver Colorado are switching to solar is that there are a wide variety of solar incentives available, all of which directly affect the cost and size of the solar system they can afford. For example, you can take advantage of tax credits buyback programs uneven net metering. Factors reduce the overall cost of your solar system motivating you to maybe install larger sizes as you can sell Access energy to your local energy provider receiving in return either credits are. The federal government at the moment will offer you a 26% tax rebate on any solar system you install in Denver reducing the cost of installation regardless of its size

Solar system size on average in Denver Colorado,

69 in x 39 in is the industry standard for any single solar panel. They made these up of PV cells that average 155 mm by 155 mm. Usually, installation in Denver will involve the installation of 60 to 90 of these solar panels on your property this will usually depend on the size of the roof for working with and the budget of the property owner.

How much solar systems weigh on average in Denver Colorado

As you mentioned previously, the weight will be a factor as each solar panel on average weighs 40 pounds your roof will need to hold the additional weight for the lifespan of the solar system. They designed roofs to last 30 years at minimum solar systems last 20 years so unless you have an older roof little or no they needed maintenance work before we determine this solar system size to install.

Solar systems and working with older roofs

We appreciate that not all of our customers have the luxury of working with newer roofs in Denver, CO, so another key factor in deciding exactly what weight an older roof can. on average it’ll have to support 4 lb per square foot as most solar systems we install will win at least 800 lb and sometimes a few hundred pounds more when you factor into account the different hardware that comes with the system

It should be clear at this point that determining the size of a solar system for your property, it’s not straightforward; all these factors will need to be considered. But your budget and the size of your roof are key determining factors. We have a team of experts ready to answer the phone should you have questions about solar panel installation and Denver Colorado or if you want to schedule a site visit and free quotation contact us today.